CNS Cía. Ltda. Was founded in 2002 as a family life project based on the recognition of the professional career of its main founder, Galo A. Lara, who after training in the Ecuadorian Navy under his principles of honor, loyalty and discipline, obtained his engineering degrees in Electronics and Telecommunications in the United States Navy, at the naval bases of Corpus Christi in Texas and Great Lakes in Illinois, as part of a program of exchange and professional training of naval officers during the presidency by John F. Kennedy.

Back in Ecuador, this training allowed our founder to oversee the design and implementation of the most advanced telecommunications systems of his time, installed for the operation of the Trans-Ecuadorian Pipeline System (SOTE) for the multinational Texaco and later updated for the current Petroecuador, created in 1989.

This experience of constant training and technological updating, since the 1970s, is the reference and main engine of our company. Based on these same principles, CNS managed to be at the forefront of projects such as the design and implementation of the telecommunications systems of the Heavy Crude Oil Pipeline (OCP) project, from its construction phase, systems that are still in full operation.

Almost 20 years later, we maintain and promote these same principles among our collaborators, members of our family of families, which allows us to maintain our value proposition at the forefront of the sector, always innovating in the comprehensive provision and optimization of telecommunications services for our clients, telecommunications operators, multinational giants, companies in the Oil&Gas, Industrial and Army sectors.

We are, looking to the future, a teamwork with principles, professional, demanding and winning.

General Manager and CEO

Galo Xavier Lara

Financial Manager

Soraya Lara

Sales Director

Galo Fuentes T.

Operational Manager

Germán Terán

Project Manager

Hector Samaniego

Implementation Manager

Dario López

Outdoor Plant Supervisor

Diana Granada